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Wave Serpent

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Wave Serpent[7]

The Wave Serpent is the Craftworld Eldar's main troop transport. Based upon the Falcon grav-tank chassis, it uses powerful anti-gravitic engines to deliver its cargo of Guardians and Aspect Warriors to any part of the battlefield. Its ability to travel all but the smallest Webway routes, and the tremendous speed with which it can operate, puts the Wave Serpent as possibly the best troop transport in the galaxy.[1][2][3][4]

Technical Information

Chief among the Wave Serpent's many advantages is its ability to project an uniquely powerful energy field just in front of its bow. Field projector fins studded along the craft's wings create a shimmering wave of energy along the prow of the Wave Serpent to absorb and dissapate enemy shots.[3][5a] This energy field is strong enough to deflect shrapnel from artillery blasts[2] and renders small arms fire ineffectual, including Space Marine Bolters.[6] However when flying in tight formation multiple Wave Serpents can combine their fields together to not only create a reinforced barrier but turn it into a potent offensive weapon. At close range the shimmering energy field can be released in a tsunami-like wave which, while rarely lethal, can disorient and sometimes paralysis living creatures and overload delicate circuitry.[5a]

An Ulthwé Wave Serpent armed with twin Missile Launchers.

Weapons carried by the Wave Serpent are more than capable of providing supporting fire for its deploying passengers. A small remotely-operated turret can mount twin-linked Bright Lances, Eldar Missile Launchers, Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannons or Starcannons. Chin-mounted twin-linked Shuriken Catapults provide additional anti-infantry firepower, although these too can be replaced with a single Shuriken Cannon. Control of these weapons and of the craft itself is handled by a single pilot.[3][5a] As with all Eldar vehicles the Wave Serpent is constructed of Wraithbone and other psycho-plastics formed by Bonesingers. Specially attuned to the Eldar's natural psychic talents, the use of the material makes it impossible for other races to copy or operate the vehicle.[5b]

Within the rear of the Wave Serpent is its transport compartment, which is large enough to accommodate twelve fully-equipped Aspect Warriors and Guardians or up to five Wraithguard along with two accompanying Eldar. In addition some Wave Serpents are upgraded to include Star Engines, Spirit Stones and Vectored Engines.[3][5a]

A Saim-Hann Wave Serpent armed with twin Bright Lances
Technical Information[2]
Length 11.25m
Height 3.62m
Wingspan 7.31m
Estimated Weight 10 tonnes
Armour 10-15mm material unknown
Combat Speed 80 kph
Estimated Max Speed 800 kph
Crew 1 Pilot
Transport 10
Armament Varies; Twin-Linked Bright Lances & Twin-linked Shuriken Catapults
Main Ammunition Estimated 4000 shots from main power pack


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