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Web pistol

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An illustration of a Necromundan Web pistol
The web pistol (also commonly known as a "glue gun") is a compact pistol version of the webber.

It is rarely seen on most battlefields, mostly being used by various police and defense forces for crowd control or for subduing an individual unharmed. It works on the principle of launching a sticky mesh over the target area which gradually constricts until the target stops resisting. Web pistols and other such weapons are mostly used by the Adeptus Arbites and planetary defense forces. They are not lethal unless the victim struggles until the web constricts to the point it crushes them.[1]

The weapon itself is bulky, with a cone-shaped nozzle and an under-slung canister. The ammunition is a gluey chemical called web chem, which expands and hardens in air.[1]


Genestealer Cultist with Web Pistol[2]

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