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White Dwarf 100 (UK)

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White Dwarf 100
Released April 1988
Preceded by White Dwarf 99
Followed by White Dwarf 101

White Dwarf Issue 100


  • WH40K Hardware: Imperial Rapier Gun-Carrier with Multi-laser
  • WH40K Hardware: Eldar Distortion Cannon on Anti-Grav Platform
  • Chapter Approved: Dreadnoughts
    • Background
    • Rules
    • Imperial Dreadnoughts
      • Contemptor Class Close Assault Dreadnought ("Chuck")
      • Deredeo Class Attack Support Dreadnought ("Eddy")
      • Furibundus Class Destroyer Dreadnought ("Fury")
    • Eldar Dreadnoughts
      • War-Demon Eldar Assault Dreadnought
      • War-Cry Eldar Assault Dreadnought
      • Banshee Eldar Support Dreadnought
    • Ork Dreadnoughts
      • Space Ork Super-attack Onslaughter Dreadnought
      • Space Ork Killer Dreadnought
    • Uniform Patterns and Uniform Identification Pennants and Badges

'Eavy Metal

Miniature Catalogue

Additional Information

  • ISSN

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