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White Dwarf 127 (UK)

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White Dwarf 127
Cover Artist Angus Fieldhouse
Released July 1990
Preceded by White Dwarf 126
Followed by White Dwarf 128

The 127th Issue of White Dwarf, from July 1990.


Retail Spotlight - Sheffield and Leeds
Details of what's going on in July at the Games Workshop Sheffield and Leeds stores

Warhammer Fantasy Battle
Rick answers some of the most frequently-asked questions about Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Games Workshop Store News
The main events and activities of Games Workshop stores throughout the country

Golden Demon 1990
For those who missed it, a quick look at the year's largest display of minature painting, the Finals of the Golden Demon International Miniature Painting

'Eavy Metal: Golden Demon Winners
A couple of pages from the forthcoming Fantasy Miniatures book featuring some of the very best from Golden Demon 1990

'Eavy Metal: Rob Baker
A page of Deathwing Terminator conversions by guest painter Rob Baker, plus full details of how to paint your new Eldar Aspect Warriors by Mike McVey

Mail Order Service
After much hard labour and running about, the Mail Order Trolls can at last reveal their master plan - all will be revealed in terrifying detail...

Citadel Miniatures Catalogue

Back Cover - 'Eavy Metal: Eldar Aspect Warriors
Jes Goodwin's new Aspect Warrior miniatures, painted by Mike McVey

Warhammer 40,000 Eldar Army List

To accompany the new release of Eldar Citadel Miniatures, we present this fascinating in-depth look at the Eldar.

The history of the Eldar from before the Fall, throug the creation of Slaanesh, to their present life on the craftworlds

The Eldar Path
The Eldar Path is examined, with descriptions of the many warrior types: Aspect Warriors, Exarchs, Avatars, Seers, Warlocks and Farseers

The Eldar Army
A complete army list for Warhammer 40,000 allowing you to field all the new Eldar types, as well as all your existing Eldar Miniatures

  • Warrior Powers
  • Ancient Weapons
  • Warlock Force Weapons

Eldar Aspect Warriors
A two-page full-colour spread giving you painting schemes for Eldar Aspect Warriors

Epic: Squats

Steadfast and Courageous, Squat Warriors form the backbone of many Imperial forces. This article shows you how to design Epic Squat war hosts with warriors, brotherhoods and Engineers Guild expeditionary forces for games of Space Marine: special rules, army list, templates, counters and a fully worked out sample army

How to Design a Squat War Host
An introduction to Squats and their organization, including War Hosts, Brotherhoods, Free Companies and Guild Expeditionary Forces.

Designing a War Host
The rules for creating an Epic Squat Army

The Squat Army List
Squat Infantry and Vehicle requirements

Special Rules
Special Rules for Epic Squat armies, including The Warlord and Hearthguard; The Grand Marshal and Staff; Brotherhood Hollow Squares and Guild Trike Tactics

Sample Squat War Host
A step by step process for the creation of a sample Squat War Host

Epic Squat Army List
Detachment templates and Unit Counters

Additional Information

  • ISSN - 0265-8712

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