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White Dwarf 138 (UK)

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White Dwarf 138
Released June 1991
Preceded by White Dwarf 137
Followed by White Dwarf 139

White Dwarf #138 UK, June 1991


Ultramarines vs Evil Sunz by Dave Gallagher[1]


  1. Games Workshop Store News
  2. Games Workshop and Citadel Miniatures News
  3. Games Worksop Middlebrough Grand Opening
  4. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Social level
  5. Alaitoc Craftworld Eldar Army
  6. Space Hulk - Necromunda : a complete Space Hulk Campaign set on Necromunda
  7. Advanced Hero Quest - Henchmen
  8. Bretonnian Knights
  9. Confrontation: The second half of the combat rules for Confrontation, our new game of gang warfare set on the hive world Necromunda. This month we cover :
    1. Hand to hand combat
    2. Hit Location
    3. Damage
    4. Survival of the Fittest
  10. Mail Order
    1. Norse Dwarfs
    2. Terminators
    3. Eldar

Back Cover

Alaitoc Craftworld Eldar Army vs Blood Angels chapter[1]

Additional Information

  • ISSN - 0265-8712

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