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White Dwarf 234 (UK)

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White Dwarf 234
Cover Artist Geoff Taylor
Released June 1999
Parallel issue(s) 150px-Flag of Australia.png White Dwarf 234

150px-Flag of USA.png White Dwarf 233
150px-Flag of France.png White Dwarf 62
150px-Flag of Spain.png White Dwarf 50
150px-Flag of Germany.svg.png White Dwarf 42
150px-Flag of Italy.png White Dwarf 4

Preceded by White Dwarf 233
Followed by White Dwarf 235

White Dwarf 234 (July 1999)


  • Ad: Dark Eldar Boxed Sets
  • Swift Death - Dark Eldar Tactics
  • Deep Purple - Dark Eldar Tactics
  • Boxing Clever - Multi-Pose Plastic Boxed Sets (Warhammer Regiments & 40K Battle Squads)
  • Burning Rubber - Bike Tactics
  • Company of Ravens - Ravenwing Tactics
  • Master of the Ravenwing's Land Speeder
  • Ad: Rogue Trader Stores
  • Chapter Approved - Space Wolves Update, Grey Knights, Q&A, Putting the Tzap into Tzeentch (Codex Chaos Errata), House Rules
  • Ruined! - Gothic Building Conversions
  • Kruellagh the Vile - Dark Eldar Pirate Lord
  • Ravager - Dark Eldar Tank Hunter
  • Loss of Contact with Vidium - Background: Inquisitor Report
  • Ad: New Releases - Dark Angels (Master of the Ravenwing, Veteran Space Marines)
  • Ad: New Releases - Dark Eldar (Kruellagh the Vile, Ravager)
  • Ad: New Releases - Chaos Space Marine Bike Squad
  • Design Studio

'Eavy Metal

Miniature Catalogue

  • The Kabal of the Broken Soul - Paul Handley's Dark Eldar Army (Conversions)
  • Red Rage - Khorne World Eaters Conversions
  • Hunt for the Fallen - 1999 Rogue Trader Battle Tour Conversions
  • Crimson Fists Space Marines

Additional Information

  • ISSN 0265-8712

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