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White Dwarf 305 (UK)

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White Dwarf 305
Released May 2005
Parallel issue(s) 150px-Flag of Australia.png White Dwarf 305

150px-Flag of USA.png White Dwarf 304
150px-Flag of France.png White Dwarf 133
150px-Flag of Spain.png White Dwarf 121
150px-Flag of Germany.svg.png White Dwarf 113
150px-Flag of Italy.png White Dwarf 75

Preceded by White Dwarf 304
Followed by White Dwarf 306

White Dwarf Issue 305


  • Living Tide: A preview of the new Tyranid Range
  • Chapter Approved Battle Zone: Swamp Worlds: Swamps are a deadly battleground, almost as dangerous to your army as the foe. We present rules and modelling tips for how to represent this new environment in your games.
  • Brute Force: A tactica on the correct use of Terminators.
  • Crux Terminatus: A showcase of three sets of Terminators, plus converted characters.
  • Index Astartes: Blood Ravens: A look at this most enigmatic of Chapters.


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