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White Dwarf 97 (2015)

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White Dwarf 97
Cover of the eBook version
Released 5 December 2015
Preceded by White Dwarf 96
Followed by White Dwarf 98

White Dwarf is Games Workshop's premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content each month such as new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests and more.


  • New Releases - introduction of Varanguard (AoS)
  • Paint Splatter - how to paint Varanguard (AoS)
  • Army of the Month - Imperial Knights and Titans (40k)
  • The Knights of Ruin - background of the Varanguard (AoS)
  • The Horus Heresy - new from the Black Library (40k)
  • The Week in the White Dwarf - comment, opinion and trivia

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