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White Dwarf April 2018

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White Dwarf April 2018
Released April 2018
Preceded by White Dwarf March 2018
Followed by White Dwarf May 2018

White Dwarf is Games Workshop's premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content each month such as new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests and more.


  • Planet Warhammer - news on the latest Games Workshop releases and events including Forgebane, the Idoneth Deepkin, two new codexes and more (40k/AoS)
  • Temporal Distort - a short leap back in time to 2013
  • Getting Started With... Stormcast Eternals - a bite-sized introduction to the greatest heroes of the Mortal Realms – the Stormcast Eternals (AoS)
  • The Ultimate Guide - this month we delve into the darkest oceans in search of the mysterious and deadly Idoneth Deepkin (AoS)
  • Battle Report - The Blackstone Extraction - In this month’s Battle Report the Adeptus Mechanicus come face to metal face with the Necrons (40k)
  • Hall of Fame - miniatures designer Matt Holland explains why he thinks a pose is so important in making a great Citadel miniature.
  • A Tale of Four Warlords - The warlords muster their armies for Malign Portents (AoS)
  • Honour and Loyalty - hobby legend Gavin Beardsmore is back, not with Aeldari this time but with Imperial Knights from House Makabius (40k)
  • Battleground: [The River of Souls - The Warhammer World team build a brand-new battlefield for Malign Portents (AoS)
  • Tactica Imperialis: Drukhari - a look at some dirty, underhand and entirely evil Drukhari tactics (40k)
  • Underworld Tournament - 12 eager gamers take each other on in the White Dwarf and Friends (title pending) Warhammer Underworlds tournament (AoS)
  • Maxime's Challenge - Maxime Pastourel shows off the results of a painting challenge
  • Chaos Cult Gangs - more Cultists in Necromunda – this time Chaos ones (40k)
  • Readers' Models - A wonderful selection of models painted by readers
  • In the Bunker - What happened in the White Dwarf hobby room

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