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White Dwarf January 2018

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White Dwarf January 2018
Released January 2018
Preceded by White Dwarf December 2017
Followed by White Dwarf February 2018

White Dwarf is Games Workshop's premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content each month such as new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests and more.


  • Planet Warhammer - news on the latest Games Workshop releases and events including the Maggotkin of Nurgle invade the Mortal Realms (AoS)
  • Getting Started With... Orks - introduction to the most brutal race in the 41st Millennium (40k)
  • Temporal Distort - leaping into the mystical time vortex - into 2013 (various)
  • Malign Portents - find out more about Malign Portents in the two chilling short stories: Sinister Portents and The Cycle Interrupted (AoS)
  • First and Only - Black Library author Dan Abnett joins us to talk about his long-awaited Gaunt's Ghosts novel – The Warmaster (Novel) (40k)
  • Bringers of Corruption - the miniatures designers talk about all things Nurgle (AoS)
  • The Year That Was - Relive the splendour of 2017 in this review of the year (various)
  • Battle Report - The Golden Contract - Battlemage Augus Goldenhand requires a bodyguard. The Fyreslayers]answer. But what does he need protection from? (AoS)
  • The Ultimate Guide To... Death - Zombies, skeletons, ghouls, spirits and, of course, Nagash! Ultimate Guide to Legions of Undeath (AoS)
  • Claim the Spire - a new scenario for your Necromunda campaigns (40k)
  • Return to Hammerhal – Part 2 - Quick-quick, man-thing, many mysteries await you in the depths of Hammerhal. Journey with us to the underworlds of Shyish for a closer look at Death!
  • Waaagh! Dakka dakka dakka! - Check out dis massive Ork army painted by Iain Gonzalez (40k)
  • Golden Demon: Classic 2017 - six stunning miniatures from this year’s competition (various)
  • Sgades of Decay - the ’Eavy Metal team talk about pus, gore and rotten skin (AoS)
  • A Tale of Four Warlords - It’s back, and this time it’s the Malign Portents edition (AoS)
  • Realms of Battle - Gue'vesa Dan shows how to make T'au scenery (40k)
  • Waaagh! Znadsnark - Iain Gonzalez's massive Ork horde (40k)
  • Battleforce Challenge - three hobbyists paint new armies for the new year (various)
  • Paint Splatter - stage-by-stage painting guides for Nurgle's foul servants (AoS)
  • Readers' Models - A wonderful selection of models painted by readers
  • In the Bunker - What happened in the White Dwarf hobby room

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