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White Scars Armoury

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This is a list of White Scars- specific wargear (ie. Character-specific items or other non-standard wargear).


Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes Source
Moonfang Power sword Wielded by Captain Kor'sarro Khan [1]
Equis-Pattern Bolt Pistol Bolt Pistol [4]
Power Lance Powered weapon Wielded by bikers [2]
Chogoris Lightning Blade Power Sword [3b]
Duelling Tulwar Ritual Weapon [3c]
Scimitar of the Great Khan Power Sword
Glaive of Vengeance Power Weapon
Tails of the Dragon Power Weapons Carried by Qin Xa
White Tiger Dao Power Weapon Carried by Jaghatai Khan


Name Type Notes Source
Wildfire Panoply Power Armour Used by Jaghatai Khan


Relics and Equipment
Name Type Notes Source
Anzuq Psyber-Eagle
Cyber-Eagle Helm Control Interface [4]
Totem of Subetai Staff Stormseer Only [3d]
Chieftain Trophy Rack Back Banner [3e]
Plume of the Plainsrunner Talisman [4]
Honour Gift Plunder
  • Torandor Pelt
  • Fragments of Foes Defeated
  • Savage Totem
Mantle of the Stormseer
Psyber-Berkut [4a]
Banner of the Eagle
Hunter's Eye Bionic eye


Name Type Notes Source
Moondrakkan Bike Ridden by Kor'sarro Khan [1]
Wrath of the Heavens Bike
Kyzagan Assault Speeder Land Speeder Heresy-era
Sojutsu Pattern Voidbike Jetbike Used by Jaghatai Khan

Psychic Abilities

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