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Marguerethe Wienand

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Marguerethe A. Wienand[10] was the Inquisitorial Representative to the High Lords of Terra in mid-M32. A shrewd and capable woman, Wienand was part of a faction on the Senatorum that opposed Lord High Admiral Lansung and was somewhat close to Grand Master of Assassins Drakan Vangorich.[1a] She had a romantic relationship with her female Acolyte and bodyguard, Rendenstein.[3a]


During the War of the Beast, Wienand became aware of the threat posed by The Beast before any of the other High Lords and after allying with Vangorich managed to organize the first response to the Greenskins on Ardamantua.[1b]

Wienand may not be as loyal to Vangorich as she seems, as she sent her bodyguard to trail Drakan's agent Esad Wire.[1c] She was later seen using a body double to appear at a meeting of the High Lords while she spied on Vangorich herself.[2] Whatever her designs for Vangorich originally were, Wienand ultimately was forced to become dependent on the Grand Master in a power struggle with Lord Inquisitor Veritus. During a conclave, Veritus accused Wienand of having become corrupted by the High Lords. When she refused to step down as Inquisitorial Representative, Veritus sent assassins after her that were only halted thanks to Esad Wire, who was operating on the orders of Vangorich. After Veritus' coup became complete with his assuming the role of Inquisitorial Representative, Wienand faked her death and went into hiding.[3b]

However Wienand's deception was quickly discovered by Veritus, and she had to fight through several more attempts on her life on her way to the Inquisitorial Fortress on Terra. When she finally arrived at the underground complex, she was berated by her colleguesfor putting the threat of Xenos before Chaos but nonetheless was adamant that humanity confront the Orks before anything else.[4] Later thanks to the mediation of Vangorich, Wienand and Veritus agreed to an uneasy truce in the face of the Greenskin threat and machinations of the Eldar.[5] The duo declared themselves the co-Inquisitorial Representatives, and cooperated with Koorland in overthrowing Lord Commander Udin Macht Udo.[6]

Wienand later accompanied Koorland and the infant Deathwatch to Nadiries on the expedition to recover the last surviving Sisters of Silence. She became the only Imperial to become close to the Sisters, they soon refused to interact with any but her.[7] Due to her connections with the Sisters of Silence and a fleet of Inquisitorial Black Ships to transport a new Imperial offensive, Wienand was placed in co-command of the second invasion of Ullanor in an attempt to once again slay the Beast.[8] She again led Deathwatch forces alongside Asger Warfist in Maximus Thane's third attempt to kill The Beast.[9]

Following the defeat of The Beast, Wienand and Veritus laid out their future of the Inquisition. It was agreed that the Ordo Xenos and Ordo Malleus would be created, with Wienand serving as the leader of the former and Veritus the latter. However during the meeting Veritus collapsed from poison administered by Drakan Vangorich, and Wienand rushed him to the Inquisitorial Fortress of Terra for treatment.[10]

The dying Veritus was eventually able to awake and divulged his greatest secrets to Wienand. He revealed that he was the ancient Iterator Kyril Sindermann, one of the four original founders of the Inquisition, and had seen Horus himself fall to Chaos. He gave Wienand the key to the Citadel of Titan and named her his successor as the link between the Inquisition and the secret chapter of Space Marines on Titan. He also revealed that Vangorich had likely secretly given Wienand an antidote to save her from the same poison that had killed him, and that the mad Grand Master of Assassins harbored romantic feelings for him. Before dying he urged Wienand to work with Vangorich for a time to prevent the Imperium from devolving into civil war. After Veritus' death, Wienand traveled to Titan and used Veritus' key to avoid having her transport blasted out of orbit by its defenses. Proclaiming herself Veritus' successor, she entered the Citadel and met the first Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights, Janus. The two discussed much, and for the next hundred years Wienand worked with Vangorich to rule the Imperium. Her secret messages to Maximus Thane were dismissed, as the Chapter Master believed that Vangorich could be useful for the time being.[10]

After 100 years however Vangorich began to become unhinged, and his violent behavior finally forced Thane into leading a force of Space Marines to stop him. As Thane's forces secured the Imperial Palace, an elderly Wienand appeared before the Chapter Master and stated that she never was loyal to the Grand Master. Thane was skeptical, but Wienand stated the Vangorich had to be stopped and had taken refuge in the Eversor Temple.[10]

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