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Wild Riders

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Saim-Hann Jetbike Rider[2]

Wild Riders are the most famed and bold warriors of the Eldar Craftworld of Saim-Hann. These warriors speed into battle riding Jetbikes and Vypers and excel at swift raiding. Nearly all of Saim-Hann warriors, including its Farseers, belong to one of the Wild Rider clans, each of which is in turn led by a Chieftain. The Chieftain's closest family form the kinsmen, who paint their faces with blood on the eve of conflict and ride into war. Thus each unit of Jetbike or Vyper pilots can commonly be comprised of blood relatives, and tend to sport a banner showing their clan's runes. It is only during a Wild Rider's time as an Aspect Warrior that his family ties are put aside.[1]

Wild Riders always honor their debts, and are quick to swear blood bonds. However, this same culture often leads to internal strife and Wild Rider clans are known to occasionally fight amongst themselves. These battles often take ritualistic form, with single combat between champions each seeking first blood. Overall, Wild Rider culture is frequently seen as feral and savage to the other Craftworld Eldar.[1]

Known Wild Rider Clans