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Wild Snake

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A rare and extremely strong alcoholic beverage, brewed in the Badzones of Necromunda's underhives, Wild Snake can find its way to the marketplaces of the settlements, and even the pleasure domes of the upper hive. Gangs fortunate enough to find some for sale will eagerly snatch it up regardless of price so that they can drink it all before a fight to give them the edge of some "Snake Courage".[1]

Made from the skins of various snakes captured throughout the Underhive, each bottle testifies to its authenticity by having a specimen of the snake it was brewed from preserved inside. It is a clear, sharp tasting liquid, with a bitter taste that comes from the venom of its ingredients.[2]

For those gangers or ordinary citizens too short on money to afford this illustrious drink, they must settle for Second Best.[2]

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