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Will of Eternity

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The Will of Eternity crashed at Cadia, causing its destruction.

The Will of Eternity was a Blackstone Fortress.


The Will of Eternity was one of six dormant Blackstone Fortresses discovered by the Imperium in the Gothic Sector around late M31. It was turned into an Imperial Star Fort by the Adeptus Mechanicus, and served as the primary Imperial Navy base for its subsector.[3a][Note 1]

It was captured during the Gothic War by Abaddon, and activated using the Hand of Darkness and Eye of Night.[3a] Abaddon nonetheless still had difficulty controlling the vessel, but ultimately was able to find a solution by creating an artificial Noctilith-infused being known as Dravura Morkath.[6a] Together with two other captured Blackstone Fortresses, it was used to destroy the Tarantis star in the Tamahl Sector. Abaddon took them to Schindlegeist to try to capture another Blackstone Fortress there, but while the Will of Eternity and the two other Fortresses built up their power to destroy the system's star, Captain Abridal of the Flame of Purity drove his ship into the Fortresses' converging energy waves, destroying his ship, but dissipating the energy. As the rest of the Imperial fleet closed in on Abaddon's forces, he was forced to retreat, and managed to escape into the Warp with the Will of Eternity and one other Fortress.[3b]

Abaddon kept the Will of Eternity in the Eye of Terror for centuries, where it became warped and twisted,[4] and so hideously altered that it looked like an artefact of Chaos.[5]

The Will of Eternity was employed during the Thirteenth Black Crusade against the forces of Cadia. During the war, the Space Wolves and Mechanicum were able to prevent the Will of Eternity from destroying the planet and largely disabled it in an assault that saw Wolf Lord Sven Bloodhowl go missing.[2] However it was partially reactivated by Morkath, who intended to use it to still conquer Cadia and eventually Terra. Abaddon instead dropped the massive station onto Cadia's surface, destroying the Fortress World and Will of Eternity both.[1][6b]