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Wolf Brothers

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The Wolf Brothers, created during the Second Founding, were the only known Successor Chapter of the Space Wolves Legion[1] until the Ultima Founding. The Chapter was later disbanded by the Inquisition due to genetic instability, specifically the Wulfen gene-mutation that can manifest itself in Space Wolves.[5a]

Wolf Brothers
Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
Founding Chapter: Space Wolves[5a]
Founding: Second Founding[1]
Chapter Master: Beor Arjac Grimmaesson[5a]
Homeworld: Kaeriol[5a]
Colours: Grey[2]
Strength: Disbanded/Lost[5a]


Little is known of the Wolf Brothers beyond the facts that upon their Founding they were issued with exactly half of the Space Wolves fleet, arms/equipment and priests available at that time,[5a] and were intended to be the first off-shoot Chapter created from the Space Wolves as part of a grand plan to create a force termed the Sons of Russ, who would be posted in a galactic circle around the Eye of Terror in an attempt to prevent the Traitor Legions from ever invading the Imperium. However, the swift degradation of their genetic viability quickly made it clear that the gene-seed of the Space Wolves was almost impossible to use to create another Chapter, and the Sons of Russ plan died alongside the Wolf Brothers.[5a]

Known survivors

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