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Wolf King's Fury

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The Wolf King's Fury occurred during the Horus Heresy in 13.M31, when the Primarch Leman Russ led the resurgent Space Wolves against the Alpha Legion's forces on Vezdell Secundus.[1]


This was after they had joined the Dark Angels' campaign of vengeance against Warmaster Horus' forces, which resulted in Leman Russ leading the Space Wolves in a rampage across the stars. The Amoury World of Vezdell Secundus became the target of one of the Legion's attacks, after the Space Wolves learned it was controlled by the Alpha Legion. The Traitor Legion had a Chapter-strength force there, along with their Securran Janissaries Solar Auxilia serfs. However Leman Russ and the Space Wolves were incensed about the losses they have suffered, during the Horus Heresy and had vented their fury on any Traitor-held world they came across. Vezdell Secundus was no exception. By the time the battle was over, the Alpha Legion and Janissaries had been eradicated and the Armoury World was left a corpse-choked ruin. Before leaving in search of more Traitor-held worlds to murder, though, the Space Wolves seized huge amounts of war material and armored vehicles from the Alpha Legion's armories.[1]


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