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Wolf of Fenris

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The Wolf of Fenris was a Strike Cruiser of the Space Wolves Chapter that was captured by the Red Corsairs at the Battle of Parenxes, sometime after the Badab War.[1]

Realizing that they needed ships to carry out their raids, Huron Blackheart, Master of the Red Corsairs, ordered an attack on a Space Marine patrol group of the Space Wolves and Flame Hawks Chapters near the world of Parenxes. In a surprise attack near the Parenxes star, Huron's forces crippled the Wolf of Fenris and damaged several other vessels (though all save the Wolf were allowed to escape). Using boarding torpedoes, the Red Corsairs first took control of the engine room so that the Space Wolves could not self-destruct, then a second wave was sent into the cargo bays. The third wave, led by Blackheart himself, entered at a point fifty meters from the command deck. Huron stormed the bridge and tore apart the ship's captain, Gnyrll Bluetooth, with the huge weapon that served as his right arm.[1]

As the Red Corsairs' victory became inevitable, several Space Wolves turned on their fellows and threw themselves at the mercy of Blackheart. They renounced their pledges to their Chapter, Primarch and Emperor, and swore allegiance to Huron. As reward for their allegiance, Huron granted them command of the Wolf of Fenris, which is now part of the Red Corsairs' fleet.[1]

Conflict in Description

For unknown reasons, in the text of the Source#1 Space Wolves' allied Chapter is first mentioned as the Flame Hawks, and then as the Death Hawks. However, judging by the general description of events, it is one and the same Chapter .[1]

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