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Worldbreaker is the great power mace used by Horus Lupercal, the Primarch of the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus. Said to be crafted by the Emperor's own hands, it was given to him as a gift when Horus was named Warmaster of the Great Crusade.[1][2]

Following the death of Horus and the stealing of his body by Fabius Bile on Maleum, Worldbreaker was wielded by Bile's clone of the Warmaster. During the Battle of Harmony when Abaddon battled the clone, he smashed Worldbreaker with the Talon of Horus before killing the false primarch.[2]

Shards of Worldbreaker were then used by Chariz Terenoch as components to forge the Force Sword Sacramentum for Iskandar Khayon[3] and the mask of Telemachon Lyras, along with a chainaxe for Lheorvine Ukris which was lost within months on Narix in combat against the Word Bearers.[4]

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