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Wounded Wagon

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The Wounded Wagon was the unofficial nickname for a Chimera commandeered by Colonel Colm Corbec and Captain Ban Daur during the Hagia campaign of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.[1c]

At one point in the Hagian campaign, Corbec, Daur and a number of other wounded Tanith Guardsmen were left behind in the Holy Doctrinopolis to heal and join the Imperial evacuation of Hagia while the rest of their regiment embarked on a mission to the Shrinehold of Saint Sabbat. While convalescing, a number of the Tanith started to experience visions of the Sabbat Martyr beckoning them to the Shrinehold. Corbec decided to follow the visions, recruiting whomever he could to join him. In order to make the journey, they required transportation, and the only vehicle available was an old, damaged Munitorium Chimera.[1a] As the group of Guardsmen called themselves "the Wounded"[1a], they dubbed their transport the Wounded Wagon, partly due to its habit of breaking down frequently.[1b][1c]

The Guardsmen used the Wagon to bring them from the Doctrinopolis, along the Tembarong Road through Mukret to Nusera.[1c] There, they diverted and took an offroad route to avoid Infardi cultists through the rainwoods up into the Sacred Hills, following the sooka (trails used by chelon herders).[1c][1d][1e] Eventually, however, they were forced to abandon the Wagon, after reaching a point where the paths had been blocked by rockslides.[1e]