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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Dark Eldar unit; for the Planet, see Wrack (Planet).
A Wrack[1]

Wracks are the twisted creations of Dark Eldar Haemonculi, individuals dissected and refashioned into living instruments of torture. They act as assistants and bodyguards to their masters and are equipped with a range of cruel weapons including razor-sharp blades, needles, poisons and even more exotic and disturbing weaponry.


Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the Wracks is that they have chosen this nightmarish form voluntarily. At some stage in their lives, after centuries of living in the nightmarish Dark City, some Dark Eldar go to Haemonculi and ask to be modified into a new and far more frightening form. This way those who have nothing to lose willingly give their pitiful lives into the hands of Haemonculi. This is often the only way to get out of ennui and make whole range of new, painful, experiences in their twisted life.

Eventually wracks are modified by all kind of steroids and drugs, cut up into pieces and re-assembled. Their arms usually get replaced by wicked blades, metal claws or other weapons or tools. Amongst the wracks there is a position known as Acothyst. This seems to be a position of authority amongst the wracks, perhaps equivalent to a captain or commander. These Acothysts are sometimes rewarded with unique Haemonculi weapons such as the Hexrifle.

The most favored Wracks are dubbed Haemoxytes.[2]


Wracks often have heavy metal gauntlets grafted in place of hands that they use to inject or withdraw fluids from their torture victims. These can be coated in deadly poisons for combat if necessary. Finger and toenails are usually severed and replaced by razor-sharp talons and modifications to bone and skin is common.[1]

Being bound slaves of the Haemonculi, wracks have little choice in how they are armed - they usually wield poisoned blades and sometimes carry more exotic equipment, such as the feared Liquifier guns, Hexrifles, Venom Blades, Flesh Gauntlets, Ossefactors and Mindphase Gauntlets.[1]

Known Wracks



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