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An Eldar Wraithguard

Ghost Warriors are mechanical Wraithbone constructs created by the Eldar race, empowered by souls contained within Spirit Stones drawn from from an Infinity Circuit.[2][3] Craftworld Iyanden specializes in the creation and use of Wraith-constructs.[5]

Types of Wraith Constructs


Ghost-Warriors were first introduced in the 1st Edition where they are also referred to as Battle Drones. Along with Spirit-Warriors, they are shown as an alternate to Eldar Dreadnoughts.[1]

1st Edition Battle-Drones

Smaller than Spirit-Warriors, their purpose is assassination, infiltration and sabotage missions. The control system for these robots is provided by an Infinity Circuit whilst their bodies are crafted from a special plastic substance known as Stelhene that makes them invisible to most forms of sensors. This combination of Stelhene along with internal energy shielding makes a Ghost-Warrior nearly impossible to see by any means other than eye-sight.[1] Variant models include the Executioner class which is typically equipped with a chainfist, a power glove and a flamer, and coated with Cameleoline. In contrast, an Assassin-class models two power gloves and a shuriken catapult as part of its armaments; they are also coated in Cameleoline and equipped with a teleport homer.[1]

The concept has evolved toward Spirit Stone-equipped Wraithlord and Wraithguard, and the word "Ghost warrior" has become the catch-word to describe wraith-constructs of the Eldars.