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Eldar Wraithblade[2]

Wraithblades are the most feared Eldar Wraithguards.


Few Eldar will speak the true name of Wraithblades, Klaivaulch, for fear of inciting the wrath of Khaine. Tradition holds that each Craftworld keeps these vengeful constructs segregated from other ghost warriors so that their immortal anger that does taint those nearby who might one day attain peace. However when needed, the Wraithblades will be awakened by the most gifted Spiritseers, their Spirit Stones burning hot upon activation. Once kindled, the wrath that animates their Wraithbone becomes an unstoppable fury that is only quenched by close-quarters combat. Differentiating themselves from their Wraithguard cousins, Wraithblades are equipped for vicious melee, wielding two great Ghostswords, Ghostaxes, or Forceshields.[1]


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