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A Wraithcannon

A Wraithcannon is an Eldar vortex weapon of deadly potency similar to the D-Cannon.[1]


Wielded by a Wraithguard and powered by the psychic energy of its spirit stone, the Wraithcannon opens a small temporary rift between real and warp space, tearing apart its target as it is torn between different dimensions. However, unlike the D-Cannon the Wraithcannon is more tightly controlled and more accurate.[1][2] The Wraithcannons are so fiendish that no mortal (only Wraithguard) could wield them.[4]

Heavy Wraithcannon

The Heavy Wraithcannon is an enlarged version of the standard Wraithcannon wielded by colossal Wraithknights.[3]


Heavy Wraithcannon[5]

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