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Wrath (Warband)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Chaos Space Marine Warband; for the Freeblade Knight, see Wrath (Freeblade Knight).
Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
Wrath Marine.jpg
- Wrath -
Origin: Unknown
Leader: Unknown
Chaos dedication: Khorne
Colours: Bone helms and bolters, black body armour,
and red greaves and shoulder guards[1b]
Strength: Unknown
Wrath Logo.jpg
Wrath Miniature.jpg

The Wrath are a Khorne Warband.[1a]

The Wrath are little more than ferocious Power Armoured beasts, that bring butchery in the battlefield to an unimaginable scale, by completely eradicating the bodies of their foes. The source of this monstrous savagery is the Warband's worship of the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage Arbra'Gax, and his horrific honour guard the Charnel Reapers, whose ferocity they seek to imitate. So complete is the Wrath's devotion to Arbra'Gax, that the Bloodthirster's fury has seeped into their souls and set them aflame with hate. As a result mere slaughter is not enough for these feral warriors and at the end of a battle, the Wrath fall upon the corpses of the slain, cannibalizing friend and foe alike in a hideous victory feast. Blood is guzzled, skin is peeled, then hacked into ragged cloaks and face masks that are draped across the Wrath's armour. Bones are ripped free and pushed through the warriors' skin as crude totems, while organs are crushed to a foul paste that is used to anoint weapons and wargear. Finally, all that remains are the fleshless skulls of the fallen, which are piled into tottering heaps as an offering to Khorne, before the Warband leaves in search of new prey. Such is their savage reputation that even in murderous haunts as Commorragh and the Eye of Terror, they are whispered of with awe.[1a]


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