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Crisis Battlesuit

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A group of Tau Crisis Battlesuits

The XV8 Crisis Battlesuit is an advanced piece of Tau technology. These Battlesuits are issued to veteran Shas'ui Fire Warriors in order to provide the Tau military with a highly mobile weapons platform.[10]


XV8 Crisis Battlesuit with Missile Pod and Plasma Rifle.

The XV8 is the standard-issue suit used by the Fire Caste, though other variants exist, the most common being the Broadside Battlesuit. Twice the size of a Fire Warrior[10], the Crisis suit is packed with advanced technology, including a jetpack, recoil absorbers, and targeting sensors.[2] Information gathered from the Crisis's sensor suite can be transmitted to command units, providing them with updated battlefield intelligence.[2] Nanocrystalline alloy armour is used, giving the suit superior protection while keeping weight to a minimum.[2] Although the armour provides superior protection against most small arms, it is no defence against heavier weapons, such assault cannons and lascannons, which penetrate right through.[4]

The suit also has three hardpoints that allow it to accept any combination of weaponry, support systems, and wargear.[1]

XV8 Crisis Bodyguard Team

The XV8 Bodyguard Team consists of more experienced warriors known as Saz'nami, or literally Close Protection Officers. Only Fire Warriors with impeccable records are chosen for this rare duty. It is their duty to protect Tau Commanders at all costs and even take incoming shots for their leader. Tau lore is rife of the heroic performances of XV8 bodyguards, and it is considered a disgrace for a Close Protection Officer to survive while his Commander is slain. Any who have suffered such an indignity often spend the rest of their remaining life in atonement. XV8 Bodyguard teams draw upon the latest Battlesuit wargear, and prototype weapons are treated as standard issue.[6b]

Sept Armament Variations

Each Sept has a different way of fielding battlesuits,[3] although they all have the common goal of destroying the enemy utterly. They work either in teams of three or singularly, known respectively as Ta'ro'cha and Monat. Some of these are:

Vior'la - Ta'ro'cha and Monat

Sa'cea - Ta'ro'cha

Tau'n - Ta'ro'cha and Monat

  • Monat Configuration
    • This tends to depend on the preference of the Tau within the suit.

T'au - Ta'ro'cha and Monat

Ordo Xenos Classification

Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Record[2]
Serial Number 85673-908158 Main Armament Plasma Rifle
Designation XV8
Vehicle Codename Crisis Secondary Armament Missile Pod
Vehicle Type Battlesuit
Crew 1, Pilot Traverse 120°
Weight 2.5 tonnes Elevation From -90° to +90°
Length 1.7m Ammunition Variable
Width 1.9m Armour Type Nano-Crystalline Alloy

Composition Unknown

Height 2.8m
Max Recorded Speed 50kph on jetpack


XV8-02 Crisis 'Iridium' Battlesuit

The XV8-02 Crisis 'Iridium' Battlesuit is a rare XV8 Bodyguard suit variant made of iridium, distinguishable by its heavier armor. After the death of Commander Pridestar to a sniper's bullet and the subsequent Tau defeat during the Klodate Worlds Suppression, the Earth Caste developed an experimental iridium alloy and produced only enough for a small series of Battlesuits. While it offers Tau Commanders and their Bodyguards optimal protection, it is a luxury that few can afford, though Commander Dawnstar of the Dal'yth Sept is known to call upon them.[6b][6a]

XV8-02 Iridium Class Battlesuit

XV81 Crisis Battlesuit

The XV81 Crisis Battlesuit variant is made for Tau Commanders and armed with a shoulder-mounted Smart Missile System filling one of its three hardpoints.[2]


XV84 Crisis Battlesuit

The XV84 Crisis Battlesuit variant is made for Tau Commanders and comes equipped with a Markerlight and Target Lock mounted on an spinal stock. It still retains three hardpoints to attach other equipment.[2]


XV85 Enforcer Battlesuit

The XV8-05 Enforcer Battlesuit is a variant of the standard Crisis Battlesuit used by Tau Commanders. Larger and more well-protected then standard Crisis Suits, the XV8-05 is armed with a variety of weapons such as Plasma Rifles, Fusion Blasters, Airbursting Fragmentation Projectors, and Cyclic Ion Blasters.

Tau Commander in XV8-05 Enforcer Battlesuit
Tau Commander in an XV85 Enforcer Battlesuit

XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit

The XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit is a variant of the XV85 Enforcer. Made for Tau Commanders, the XV86 is covered in fins which streamline it, allowing super-fast movement across the theatre of battle, annihilating enemies with sharp shocks from its burst cannon. The on-board Holophoton Countermeasures and telemetry suites feed the Coldstar and its Commander pilot a massive variety of information that would overwhelm the untrained mind - instead, in this case, it allows the Coldstar Battlesuit to soar over its foes with a grace that enemy targeting systems simply cannot hope to catch.[9]

Tau Commander in an XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit

XV88 Broadside Battlesuit

The most common variant of the XV8, the XV88 Broadside Battlesuit replaces the XV8's jetpack with heavier armour and twin-linked Railguns.

XV89 Crisis Battlesuit

The XV89 Crisis Battlesuit variant is made for Tau Commanders and is more heavily armoured than other battlesuits; however the extra weight also reduces its mobility. It still retains three hardpoints to attach other equipment.[8]


XV8 'Agile' Crisis Battlesuit

The XV8 'Agile' Crisis Battlesuit that has been retrofitted with an advanced stabilisation system and vectored retro-thrusters. This grants the suit greater maneuverability and agility.[7a]

XV8 'Armored' Crisis Battlesuit

The XV8 'Armored' Crisis Battlesuit is reinforced with iridium plating, granting better protection. Because of its reinforced chassis, this suit is heavier and less mobile than other Crisis suits.[7b]

XV8 'Command' Crisis Battlesuit

A XV8 'Command' Crisis Battlesuit has a command and control node hardwired into it. This AI-assisted transmission system allows for improved communication and targeting coordination with allies.[7c]

XV8 'Light' Crisis Battlesuit

The XV8 'Light' Crisis Battlesuit plating has been manufactured using lighter composite materials, granting improved speed while maintaining a moderate armor value.[7d]

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