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This page contains spoilers for: Titans' Bane (Audio Drama)
Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Xalxat px
Segmentum: Unknown
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium[1]
Class: War World[1], former Agri World[1] and Garden World[1][Note 2]
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Xalxat[1][Note 1] was an Imperial Agri World that was capable of feeding billions of the Imperium's citizens.


This ended, however[2], when months[1] after Cadia's destruction, Xalxat was invaded by Nurgle Cultists and a Plaguelord-Class Titan. A plea for aid was sent out and an alliance of Cadian, Mordian and Paragonian Armoured Regiments arrived to save the world. When the Regiments arrived in Xalxat's orbit, they did a quick recon of the Cultists' forces before attacking. By then, however, the Cultists had already unleashed diseases that destroyed the Agri World's crops and created toxic miasma smog that began spreading across Xalxat. This proved to be a disadvantage to the regiments attacking the Plague Titan, as there was nothing for them to use as cover. As a result, they suffered heavy casualties before the Plague Titan was finally destroyed. However, in their rush to engage their foes, the regiments were unaware that there were in fact two Plague Titans invading Xalxat. As they celebrated their victory and made repairs, the second Plague Titan appeared and attacked the unprepared regiments. It struck without mercy and destroyed many of the regiments' tanks and the survivors were forced to flee. The second Plague Titan had turned the tide of the battle and soon the Cultists began to sweep aside the Imperials. Despite the regiments' efforts, the battle for Xalxat was declared to be lost and an order to perform an Exterminatus on the doomed world was given. 90 minutes remained before its destruction and the regiments' survivors began evacuating from the last remaining citadel in their control. The second Plague Titan, however, began advancing towards the citadel and, with the Mordian tanks having all been destroyed, the Cadians and Paragonians engaged the Titan.[2]

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Ferdal Quiller of the Cadian 75th Armoured had been racing towards the evacuation point when she heard of the attack. She knew her Shadowsword, Titans' Bane, was the only tank left that was capable of damaging the Plague Titan and urged her crew to move faster. However, Titans' Bane had been heavily damaged in battle with the Plague Titans and there was a chance it could explode if the Shadowsword fired its cannon. Worse still, a patch of the deadly miasma smog surrounded Titans' Bane and the rents in its armor allowed the smog to invade the Shadowsword. The miasma began eating away at them and Titans' Bane's Tech Priest warned that the smog spread all the way to the citadel. He regretfully informed the crew that they would be dissolved before they cleared the miasma. After hearing this, Quiller decided to strike a final vengeful blow against their foes and told her crew that though they would die, they had a chance to save the remaining regiments within the citadel. If they could get close enough and misfire while firing at the Plague Titan, the damaged Titans' Bane would explode and destroy the Titan as well. Quiller's crew agreed to her plan and they were able to reach the advancing Plague Titan, which had defeated the tanks sent against it. Before it reached the citadel, Titans' Bane was able to get close to it and fire at point-blank range. As Quiller had hoped they would, the Shadowsword's armaments misfired and caused Titans' Bane to explode. With the Plague Titan dealt with, the surviving Imperials are now racing to evacuate from Xalxat, before the world is destroyed by Exterminatus.[2]



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