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Xana II

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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Xana II Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Eye of Terror
Affiliation: Chaos (Dark Mechanicum}
Class: Daemon World/Forge World
Tithe Grade:

Xana II is a Forge World within the Eye of Terror.


The history of Xana II began when Tech-Priests of the original Forge Lords of the Xana System declared loyalty to Warmaster Horus during the Horus Heresy. Presumably, they were ultimately forced to flee into the Eye of Terror during the Great Scouring, where they founded Xana II. It's also possible that the Hereteks of the original Forge of Xana II in Xana's system somehow moved it to the Eye.[2]

Operated by the Dark Mechanicum, Xana is infamous for its production of advanced wargear and Daemon Engines for the forces of Chaos. The hellish world of Xana II is believed to be a planet wholly given to daemon-machines and infernal industries, where mills grind flesh and countless millions are enslaved to work in its world-spanning factories. The masters of Xana II, often half-daemon machines themselves, have long since given up their humanity and answer to none. They sell their creations to the highest bidder, be they Chaos Space Marines, Daemon Princes, Sorcerers, or warlords and accept only human currency to feed their worlds endless requirements for slaves and souls. Xana II in particular is known for its aircraft, such as the Hell Blade and Hell Talon, which are widely used by the forces of Chaos. The Imperium remains largely ignorant of technology and weapons of the Xana II lineage.[1]

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