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Xana System

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Xana System

The Xana-Vicidex System was a System of the Imperium in Segmentum Pacificus' Vicidax Thule Sector. During the Great Crusade, it was a semi-autonomous region of the Mechanicum but later betrayed the Emperor during the Horus Heresy.[1]

Ultimately the forces of Xana fled to the Eye of Terror where they have established a prominent Daemonic Forge World. Whether this is the original Xana II that was somehow moved or if it was simply a renamed planet has yet to be seen.


  • Xana I — macro-magnitude gas giant
    • Xana IIForge World, captured in orbit of Xana I
      • Xana-Tisiphone — experimental station and penitentiary colony, moon of Xana II (artificially transplanted from position as Xana V)
  • Xana III
  • Xana IV