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A Xanthite Inquisitor[4]

Xanthism is a Radical philosophy of the Inquisition. Its followers are known as Xanthites.


The faction is named after Inquisitor Lord Zaranchek Xanthus, executed as a heretic in the 32nd millennium. The most overtly Radical grouping within the Inquisition, it advocates the use of Warp-based weaponry, such as daemon-possessed swords, daemonhosts, and generally turning the power of Chaos against itself. It is the ultimate goal of Xanthites to harness the power of Chaos for mankind, believing that it can not be defeated as it is merely a reflection of humanity itself. However, they believe that those energies and powers created by Chaos can be turned back for the benefit of humanity, rather than being an enemy.[2]

Xanthites do not advocate giving in to Chaos, bur rather wish to capture its essence and turn it to useful rather than destructive purposes. In the same way the Imperium uses the Warp for travel, Xanthites believe that other facets of Chaos can be controlled and tamed to benefit mankind. Thus these Inquisitors investigate all aspects of the Warp and Chaos, imbuing its power into themselves whenever possible. They will use Chaos artifacts, Daemon weapons, dark lore, and other heretical items and knowledge to combat incursions of Chaos, heretics, and aliens. Xanthites have even been known to establish their own Chaos Cults, using the sect to unravel ancient mysteries and lore.[2]

Most other Inquisitors consider Xanthites and their more extreme cousins Horusians to be walking on the precipice of damnation. They are commonly seen as arrogant and dangerous, toying with powers they do not understand.[2]

Notable Followers