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Xavyer Jubal

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Xavyer Jubal was the sergeant of Hellebore Tactical Squad of the Tenth Company of the Luna Wolves, under Captain Garviel Loken.[1a][1b]


When Loken was accepted into the Mournival council, he was required to shift many of the day-to-day duties of his captaincy to one of his trusted sergeants. Jubal was angered when Loken chose to promote Nero Vipus, when Jubal was the more senior officer.[1c]

It was his resentment for Loken and his jealousy of Vipus that allowed a warp entity known as Samus to corrupt him, during the Battle of the Whisperhead Mountains, on the planet Sixty-Three Nineteen.[1c]

Jubal killed his entire squad, before attacking Loken and the accompanying members of "Brakespur" squad. Loken restrained Jubal, but only after several members of Brakespur squad were killed. The powers of the warp then mutated Jubal into the visage of a slobbering, raging daemon-beast. Jubal killed two remembrancers before being torn apart by the bolters of Loken and Vipus.[1d]

After Jubal's death, Loken went through his belongings and found a lodge-medallion, which surprised Loken since he had forbidden any of his men from taking part in the lodges. However, he was told that Jubal had not attended any meetings in years.[1e]