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Xelian was a Dark Eldar Archon, leader of the Kabal of the Blades of Desire. [1]

A warrior-queen who enjoyed the thrill of combat above all else, she employed large amounts of Wyches and sparred with them regularly to hone her skills. She undertook large numbers of raids into Realspace, giving her an abundance of slaves for the grand gladiatorial tournaments she held. Xelian however resented the humiliations subjected to her by Asdrubael Vect and conspired with Nyos Yllithian of the Kabal of the White Flames and Kraillach of the Kabal of the Realm Eternal to overthrow Vect by resurrecting the infamous El'uriaq.[1a] Vect's agents however staged a false-flag attack on the Kabal of the Realm Eternal's fortress, framing her own forces and drawing her into conflict with Kraillach. Xelian defeated Kriallach during the battle, boosting the reputation of her own Kabal in the process.[1c] But despite this new status, her meetings with El'uriaq proved distressing for the Archon, with the Tyrant of Shaa-Dom seeing past her facade to her true self: one of bloodlust and mindless violence. El'Uriaq's words on Xelian's true nature threw her into confusion, and later she was killed in a routine training exercise with her Wyches when her bloodlust took hold. Whether she had simply been manipulated by El'Uriaq or daemonically corrupted by him (as had been the case with Kraillach) is unknown.[1c]