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The Xenarites are a radical and secretive sect within the Adeptus Mechanicus who focus on studying and using alien technology.[1]


The members of this group are absolutely dedicated and devoted to the exploitation of Xenos artifacts; an act that their brethren find offensive. Aware of this antipathy towards them, the Xenarites undergo a series of covert studies which involve dispatching Techpriests to alien sites in order to retrieve or study artifacts which are later brought to Forge Worlds for study as prescribed by doctrine.[Needs Citation]

Due to the nature of their role, Xenarites are known to face resistance from local aliens or end up in a fight against an Inquisitor or even their fellow Techpriests. As such, conflicts against Imperial forces is not unknown and has forced the sect deeper underground where they conceal evidence of their activities as well as heavily defend their study sites.[2]

Forge World of Stygies VIII has an influential group of Xenarites within its ranks.[3]



Inquisitor Kessel once stopped a group from reactivating an Eldar Wraithlord by mustering a force of Skitarii, including his future warrior band member, Logan Storm.[2]