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Xenos Horrificus

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Xenos Horrificus is the Ordo Xenos' classification for alien races deemed hostile or dangerous to mankind, and in need of extermination.

Whilst all aliens are deemed anathema to the Imperium, some of their kind are tolerated to a degree, with such species being either primitive in technology and culture or being in a backwater region of space. On many worlds, contact with xenos is not uncommon and frontier worlds have trade with such beings, which is overlooked by authorities and not worthy of censure or intervention.[1]

However, there exist a number of alien races who are such a threat to Mankind that they are branded as Xenos Horrificus, prompting active campaigns to hunt down and exterminate them. This brand does not apply solely to the xenos themselves, but all who associate with them.[1]

List of races declared Xenos Horrificus