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Xenos Hybris

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The Xenos Hybris is a faction within the Inquisition, consisting of like-minded Radical Inquisitors in the Calixian Conclave who believe that Mankind must learn from both the achievements as well as the mistakes of Xenos races.


The Hybris reckon that only by mutual understanding and cooperation with aliens will Humanity survive in the galaxy. This group is strictly confined to the Calixis Sector and attract many who find the allure of greater knowledge from aliens to be a promising field. As such, they feel that others tend to be ignorant of the potential gains offered by aliens and that intolerance of xenos is against their own beliefs.[1]

There are only a few Inquisitors that follow the teachings of the Xenos Hybris and dedicate their lives to the pursuit of such a field of mutual cooperation. However, some believe that before the faction's end, they may create a great catastrophe for the Imperium. Agents of the Xenos Hybris are often searching amongst the ruins of long dead alien worlds and often form alliances with xenophile Hereteks in order to create melding of Human/Xeno technology. Their complete belief in their objective means that the Xenos Hybris often kill any who stand in their way. As such, whilst they are often scholarly individuals, agents of the Xenos Hybris are equally fanatical in their goals.[1]

Among them, senior Inquisitor Arcturos is renowned as an Eldar specialist, that dedicated his whole life studying them and their influence on the whole Segmentum Obscurus. Consequently, he is a fanatical user of divination techniques he learned from them.[2]

Due to their nature, many members of this faction can be found amongst the Ordo Xenos, though some can also be found amongst the Ordo Malleus as well as the Ordo Hereticus. Amongst the Ordo Malleus, such agents seek to use Xenos lore to find a means of defeating Daemons whilst the Ordo Hereticus search for means of unifying the fractured Imperium of Man.[1]