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Xenos Vessel

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Xenos Vessels refer to types of ships operated by Rogue Traders. Contact with xenos races is without a doubt the habit for which Rogue Traders gain the most notoriety. Rogue Traders gain much value and interest from alien races they come into contact with on their journeys, often employing them as mercenaries when the situation demands. Far from home where the Imperial Navy is not present, a Rogue Trader may instead hire out alien vessels and their crews for protection. These vessels often provide much needed local knowledge as well as the ability to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers.[1] Rogue Traders typically favor vessels which make use of alien energy technology, since the huge power supplies and impossibly difficult upkeep needed for Imperial laser and lance weaponry generally means these weapons are unreliable on extended journeys outside Imperial space.[1]

Especially bold Rogue Traders will journey back to Imperial space with their Xenos vessel and crew, though this is something which will often land them into deep trouble with the Inquisition.[1]