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Lord Xorphas[1b]

Xorphas was a Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord of the Black Legion.[1a]


Known as The Tainted, the cruel Xorphas served both Abaddon and Tzeentch for over five centuries. Said to be a protege of Ygethmor, Xorphas won a string of victories that saw him elevated within the Black Legion. Xorphas fought from the Ilmoritas to Broken Worlds, elevated to lordship of Black Legionnaires. A true believer in Abaddon's cause, Xorphas had a burning hatred for the Imperium of Man. Some whisper that he was far older than he appeared, and in the past served Magnus the Red. It is from these ancient days that Xorphas' hatred for the Imperium supposedly stemed.[1a]

Unlike many of other Chaos Lords, Xorphas 'cared' about his own warriors, but not because of pity or nobility, but for the sake of benefit and using them in the right place, in the right time. This strategy well served him, and warriors of Xorphas destroyed his enemies in many battles.[1a]

During the 13th Black Crusade, Xorphas led a coalition of the Black Legion, Crimson Slaughter, Butcherhorde, and Word Bearers against the Diamor System. In the subsequent Diamor Campaign, After his allies fulfilled their task he descended on the Amethal planet with his own army — Hand of Xorphas (that besides his own warriors also included Chaos Space Marines from the Hounds of Abaddon, Children of Torment, Black Talons, Sons of Oblivion and others warbands) to complete his plan. Xorphas sought to use the Chaos artifact — Banshee Stone to break the Daemon cage on Amethal, open the new Warp Rift and unleash a Daemonic tide across the system to spread Abaddon's Crimson Path. Although he did not have managed to fully destroy the cage, the damage to its wards was so great, that in time it will break and release the Daemons in reality. So Lord Xorphas retreated with the remainder of his army from Amethal.[1a]

Xorphas next appeared during the Arks of Omen Campaign, advising Abaddon.[2] He took part in the assault on The Rock, but was beheaded by Dark Angels Supreme Grand Master Azrael during the fighting for the Nameless Gate.[3]

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