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Xurunt Frost Father

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A Xurunt Frost Father is a title given to distinguished members of the Xur, the warlike, Khorne-worshipping society of nomadic humans from the Feral World of Xurunt.


Continually migrating across the planet's vast prairies, they seek only to enslave and conquer other tribes. It is a brutal existence, beginning when each is taught to ride a Xurunsh from the earliest possible age. This planetwide struggle for dominance continues until winter, when the Xur focus instead on surviving the harsh conditions or ritually honouring their bloody god Baphtar at one of his towering idols. Sometimes, a leader of truly remarkable prowess will arise and garner support amongst the tribes for a campaign during this normally peaceful time. These individuals are known as "Sacanta," or "Frost Fathers," among the Xur and are revered and respected leaders. They are driven and dangerous opponents, and many warlords seek to recruit such warriors with promises of skulls and glory. While the title itself is masculine, it it also used by women who have earned the title.[1]

A Frost Father who leaves Xurunt quickly feels at home among the denizens of Chaos, frequently settling in the Screaming Vortex.[1]

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