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Yar Umbra

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Yar Umbra

Yar Umbra is a void-born Necromundan Bounty Hunter who was forced to take up the trade after he was intentionally marooned on Hive Primus by a deck master of the chartist vessel Halcyon Dawn.

This was done to Yar for some unknown infraction, which some say was cantered around what he hides the beneath the hood he always wears. Now left embittered by his abandonment, Yar yearns to return to the Halcyon Dawn and works as a bounty hunter, in the hopes of saving enough scrips to obtain passage on a vessel, and then begin tracking down his former home. In the meantime, Yar has found that though he despises his planet-bound existence, he is very much at home in the confined tunnels of Necromunda. The stinking depths of a hive are similar to those of a void ship, and since he is equipped with with enviro-filters and gas-plugs, Yar is well-protected from local hazards. Darkness is also an environment Yar knows well, and with his custom maw-patter long las, even a flicker of movement is enough for the void-born sniper to bring down his prey.[1]