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Yargoth Hurne

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Yargoth Hurne is a former Rogue Trader who became stranded on Necromunda, after his Warrant of Trade and fleet were stolen from him by his family. It was his sister who left him on the Hive World, before she made off with his flagship, and his family's betrayal left Hurne a broken man. He fell into disgrace afterwards, as Hurne used his remaining authority to create the Tenebrous Way: an extensive Cold Trade criminal empire, based within Necromunda's Hives. It is now the most well known Cold Trade organization within the Hive World's Palatine Cluster and offers an underground market in off-world goods, as well as Xenos artefacts and weaponry. This includes the deadly Threadneedle Worms, which Hurne is rumored to have supplied the Matriarch of House Greim with, in order to rid herself of a troublesome suitor and his extended family.[1]

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