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Yctria Ghularis

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Yctria Ghularis, known as the Flayer Queen, was a Dark Eldar Succubus Queen of the Cult of the Red Grief and was as ravishing as she was ambitious. She was also possessed of a truly foul temper. Whenever Yctria felt slighted, she would fly into a spectacular rage. The bladed frenzies that usually followed made for excellent entertainment, and the subsequent flayings, administered by Yctria herself, were a potent source of psychic nourishment.[1]

After killing the famed Succubus Kariasche, she earned the ire of her client Haemonculus Croniarch Sekh. Nonetheless, Yctria sought Sekh's aid in the subsequent Battle of Refusal. However during the battle, her second-in-command Idyliane worked with Sekh to betray Yctria and her Wych troops by engulfing them in a mutagenic gas. Yctria was transformed into a gigantic lump of flesh and forced to fight in the arenas of Commorragh.[1]