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Yeld Wings

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Examples of Yeld Spyrers with their iconic wings.

The most bizarre of the Spyrer Hunters, the Yeld hunting rig is characterised by its impressive wings. A fully articulated frame covers hundreds of individual, overlapping metal plates, connected by thousands of micro fibre bundles. Conductive filaments register and transmit the owner's brainwaves direct from their cortex to these fibre bundles, allowing for instantaneous adjustments to be made to pitch, roll and yaw during flight.[1]

Ir requires little training for the wearer to effortlessly make the wings move at will, and even a novice can glide more effortlessly than a bird of prey, though to climb upward will still prove a slow, and laborious task for even the Yeld Patriarchs.[1]

Each of the individual plates that makes up the wings is also laced with crystalline circuitry which will automatically adjust to match the colouring of its surroundings, allowing the Yeld to blend into the towers and gantries where it will lie in wait for unsuspecting prey.[1]

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