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Yelsic was a House Taranis Knight, who along with his fellow Knight Taymon Verticorda, met the Emperor as He first stepped foot on Mars.[1a]

This visit eventually led the Adeptus Mechanicus to join the Imperium and Yelsic and the Knights of House Taranis would take part in the Great Crusade[1b]. As the years past, Verticorda would become House Taranis' Lord Commander and Yelsic would rise in esteem within the House as well. Both would be present on Mars when the Horus Heresy began and the Dark Mechanicum caused a civil war to erupt on their Homeworld. By then, Verticorda considered Yelsic to be both among one of best of the House's Knights and among the most sublime warriors he had seen. As war enveloped Mars, House Taranis remained loyal to the Imperium and were among those who fought to defend Adept Koriel Zeth's Magma City Forge from the Traitors. However the attacking forces heavily outnumbered the Loyalists and Magma City would soon begin to fall to the Dark Mechanicum. Now with no hope of victory or escape, the surviving Knights of House Taranis agreed to begin a suicidal charge to kill Ambassador Melgator, who led the Traitors' forces. Yelsic held House Taranis' banner high, as he, Agamon, Stator and both Lord Commanders Verticorda and Caturix, charged at their foes. As they raced towards Melgator's position, though, the Knights were immediately swarmed and fired upon and soon both Agamon and Stator were dead. As they finally neared Melgator, Yelsic was killed after his Knight suit took a volley of fire, that blew out its torso. His stricken Knight's momentum, however, led it to crash into a horde of Traitor Skitarii, where it then exploded. This caused an opening in the Dark Mechanum's forces, which allowed Lord Commanders Verticorda and Caturix to kill Melgator, before they were cut down by the Ambassador's forces.[1c]