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Yeremi Valence

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Yeremi Valence was a member of the Imperial Fists, who was recruited from Necromunda, alongside Lexandro d'Arquebus and Biff Tundrish.[1b]


They were all born in Hive Trazior, but each came from different social backgrounds, and were enemies when they first met. Valence was the son of technicians, who were domiciled on the Hive's lower hab levels. There he joined a tech gang composed of his family members and they worked for those in the upper levels of the Hive, while defending their territory from the Undercity. It was while defending his hab level, that Valence encountered both d'Arquebus and Tundrish, who were part of a Brat Gang and Scum gang respectively[1a]. Tundrish's gang, the Spidergobs[1b] had initiated the battle, when they raided Valence's level for supplies, and as Valence's tech gang fought them, d'Arquebus's Brat Gang struck them by surprise. Named the Lordly Phantasms, they sought to capture members of the lower status gangs, in order to throw them into Hive Trazior's massive heat-sink. During the battle, Valence would come upon a fighting Tundrish and d'Arquebus and demanded to know why the upper hiver was preying on the Tech gang. He was enraged by this, as the technicians served the upper hive and acted as bulwark against the Undercity and yet the Brat Gang still treated them as playthings. d'Arquebus stated that if this bothered Valence, then he become a member of the Upper Hive, and then fired upon both Tundrish and Valence as he rejoined the Phantasms. By then, the Brat gang had succeeded in capturing a member of each of the lower status gangs[1a], one of which was Valence's cousin Yakobi[1b], and they then fled towards the Hive's heat-sink. Valence and Tundrish's gangs pursued them in order to rescue their captured members, but they were too late. The gangs could only look on as the Lordly Phantasms threw the captured gang members to their deaths, before they fled back to the upper hive.[1a]

Sometime later, Trazior's Planetary Defense Force suffered heavy losses, after anarchy had erupted within the Hive. This had occurred following a trade war with the nearby Hive Titania and in order to restore their strength, the PDF's commander began forcibly recruiting from the Hive's Tech and Merchant gangs. When Valence had heard this, he left to a recruitment center, in order to reach a better station in life. Despite his father telling Valence that their position in life was the will of the Emperor, he could no longer do so. After Yakobi's death, Valence could no longer take the technician's life of drudgery and pointless danger. Instead, Valence sought to help the PDF enforce order, even if his efforts were only a paltry amount. To his disgust, though, Valence saw that both d'Arquebus and Tundrish were there as well. However while he desired revenge against d'Arquebus, Valence did not attack the upper hiver. When he was later being interviewed about joining the PDF, though, the Imperial Fists Sergeant Huzzi Rork suddenly appeared and interrupted the procedure. The Sergeant was using the PDF recruit drive, to seek Aspirants for his Chapter and had been secretly watching Valence's interview. Rork had decided to select the technician to undergo the Aspirant testing and, after being medically scanned and questioned by the Sergeant, Valence succeeded in passing the trials. However to his dismay both d'Arquebus and Tundrish had passed as well. Afterwards, they and the other chosen Necromunda Aspirants were taken to the Phalanx to begin their training to become Space Marines.[1b]