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Ygethmor the Deceiver
Ygethmor the Deceiver is the Sorcerer Lord of the Black Legion and Chosen of Abaddon.


Ygethmor been a bane to the Imperium for hundreds of years and was last seen during the Medusa V campaign. He is a high priority threat to the Imperium due to his mastery of warp powers, and is known to have caused two Systems, Corrialis and Galafonte, and almost the totality of the population, to rebel against the Imperium and declare allegiance to Chaos. It has since been decided that these two systems were both experiments for Ygethmor in preparation for Medusa V.[Needs Citation]

During the 13th Black Crusade, at least seven Officio Assassinorum agents were dispatched to destroy Ygethmor but none succeeded. In surveillance images, Ygethmor appears to have four eyes arranged in a rather daemonic-like way. He appears also to have a permanent ship named the Blade of Damnation, known since before the Karkass incident. The Blade of Damnation is a Repulsive Class Grand Cruiser but boasts colossal fire power and much greater accuracy than a ship of its size should have. One Admiral Helsten claims that The Blade of Damnation is possessed by some form of Daemonic entity, although this is almost impossible to prove. Given Abaddon's past history with machine/daemonic integration, the possibility should not be discounted. The ship also took part in the Battle of Horen's Belt, where a pict-capture was successfully acquired. In a final show of the nature of chaos, the commanders of the Black Companies sent by Abaddon had very specific orders concerning the fate of Ygethmor; he was to be given any assistance needed, but if he failed, they were not to bring the sorcerer back with them.[Needs Citation]

Ultimately it became apparent that Ygethmor intended to ascend to Daemonhood, planning to sacrifice Medusa V itself as an offering to the Ruinous Powers. However he was foiled by the Eldar Elarique Swiftblade, who decapitated the Sorcerer before being killed in turn.[1]

It is known that a Sorcerer Lord Xorphas during his training was an acolyte of Ygethmor.[2]


According to Iskandar Khayon, Ygethmor is in fact a title given to several Sorcerers of the Black Legion. Khayon states that the term is not even a name, but rather of Cthonia origin and means "weaver" or "threader" of the Warp. Khayon goes on to say he is not the only bearer of the title.[3]


"This is not the first world that Ygethmor has destroyed, and unless we can halt him now it will not be the last. Should we fail, millions will die and we shall not be found blameless."Inquisitor Baptiste[Needs Citation]