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Nyos Yllithian

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Nyos Yllitian is a Dark Eldar and Archon of the Kabal of The White Flame.

Considered to be a master schemer by himself and those around him, he longs for the day where he can one day usurp Asdrubael Vect for control of Commorragh.[1] Yllithian is of old aristocratic blood, and resents Vect's new system of Kabal supremacy over the nobility.[1] To achieve his goals he formed an alliance with two other Kabals, the Kabal of the Realm Eternal and the Kabal of the Blades of Desire. He planned to raid an Exodite World and steal a pure soul, allowing its tortured screams and the aid of the master Haemonculus Bellathonis to resurrect the infamous Tyrant of Shaa-Dom, El'uriaq. However, it soon became apparent that when El'uriaq had been brought back, he had not come alone. Now possessed by a Daemon bent on causing a collapse of the Webway in Commorragh, Yllithian is becoming increasingly isolated from his own followers, who now look to El'uriaq as their lord, and ever-desperate to stop the Tyrant of Shaa-Dom.[1][2] Through manipulation of a World Singer and use of the Glass Plague, Yllithian was narrowly able to assassinate El'uriaq.[1a]