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Yme-Loc is one of the lesser known Eldar Craftworlds, known to be located close to the Eye of Terror between 989.M39 and 341.M40.

Typical Warrior Basic Data Rune Symbol
YLGuard.jpg Name Yme-Loc Yme-Loc Rune.png
Current location Segmentum Obscurus[1]
Main colours Grey with orange details
Favoured unit Grav-tanks, Titans
Reputation Talented artisans


Yme-Loc Eldar are talented artisans, and their armies are supported by powerful Engines of Vaul and Titans. Though it is not openly spoken of, the Craftworld also possesses an arcane engine of destruction powered by the souls of the dead that can scour an continent of life mere minutes.[2][6]

The symbol of Yme-Loc, the Crucible of Souls, reference the crucible within which the smith-god Vaul forged weapons of purest Wraithsteel alloy with the spirits of the victorious in order to wage the War in Heaven. It was in this crucible that the original Swords of Vaul were created. Yme-Loc finds this rune appropriate for they claim that the Eldar's fate is theirs to forge.[2]

Notable Events

Notable Yme-Loc Eldar