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Yndonesic Bloc

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The Yndonesic Bloc was known as a polity on Terra since the Age of Strife. Towards the end of that period it came under the rule of Cardinal Tang.[1]

During the Unification War the Yndonesic Bloc fought against the Panpacific tribes, in particular using Stormbirds of the Warhawk VI pattern manufactured by the Bloc iself.[3]

As late as the Horus Heresy, the Yndonesic Bloc, though an integral part of the Imperium of Man, retained a distinct regional identity. For example the contacts within the Fartraders' Guild of this bloc helped the Cult of the Hedonic Lord to rise to power somewhere between M33 and M39 leading to mass rebellion that was ended only during the Siege of the Eternity Gate.[2]

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