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Yolanda Catallus

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Yolanda Catallus is a Noble of Necromunda's House Catallus and was in line to inherit control of the House, when she decided to escape into Hive Primus' lawless Underhive. There she joined the Wildcats House Escher gang and became known as Outlands Annie. She would eventually become the gang's leader and in time, Yolanda's criminal activities caused the Merchant Guild to issue out a bounty for the gang leader. By then House Catallus had also issued a bounty for her safe return to their House, as they believed Yolanda had been kidnapped by a gang and was being held captive in the Underhive. The Bounty Hunter Kal Jerico, however realized that Yolanda and Outlands Annie were the same person and set off with his partner Scabbs to collect one of her bounties. The Bounty Hunters then confronted the Wildcats in their lair and Jerico told Yolanda that he knew her true identity and asked her to chose her fate: either be turned in to the Guild as an outlaw or return to her House and become a noble once more. Yolanda refused either choice, stating that she had renounced her birthright, and then pulled a gun on Jerico, but the Wildcats did not realize that the crafty Bounty Hunter had tossed a Frag grenade into a nearby fire pit while he was talking. The fire in the pit caused the grenade to go off and in the confusion that followed, the Bounty Hunters captured Yolanda and escaped from the Wildcats.[1a]

Jerico then decided to collect the more expensive House Catallus bounty, but Yolanda told him that she would give him a slow and painful death, for what he had done. After hearing this, Scabbs asked if it was safe to return Yolanda to her House, where she would be able to easily carry out her threat. After some thought, Jerico agreed that it was a bad idea, but more because Yolanda had been in the Underhive too long and he doubted her House would welcome her back, after seeing she had become a cut-throat criminal. Scabbs then intended to kill Yolanda to end any possible threat she could pose to them, as the Guild bounty on Yolanda stated she could be brought in dead. Before Scabbs could shoot her though, Jerico stopped him and stated that Yolanda's psychotic attitude had caused the Bounty Hunter to like her. So much so in fact, that Jerico could not bring himself to turn Yolanda in to the merciless Merchant Guild either. Instead Jerico and Scabbs left her tied up in a giant sewer tunnel, that was infested with giant blood drinking Hive Spiders, while they left. Jerico stated that given how resourceful Yolanda was, she would be able to free herself before the spiders found her and if not, no one could say the Bounty Hunter did not give her a fair chance to escape.[1a]

Yolanda proved him right and escaped to attack Jerico several times, but failed to kill him[2]. Eventually Yolanda decided to become a Bounty Hunter herself, after clearing her bounty with the Merchant Guild, and she sought out Scabbs to work out a partnership between them, after she learned that Jericho had disappeared. By then though Scabbs, who had been left miserable by Jericho's unexplained absence, had partnered with fellow bounty hunter Hef. Yolanda would put a quick end to that partnership, after she ambushed the Bounty Hunters and killed Hef, before cornering a fearful Scabbs. However after Yolanda told Scabbs she wanted to partner with him in order to learn to become a bounty hunter[1b], Scabbs reluctantly agreed[1c] and they would successfully collect several bounties together, before Jerico returned to the Underhive. The two bounty hunters would later bump into Jerico, after they had each just collected a bounty and were fleeing angry pursuers. They quickly caught each other up, about what had happened since Jerico's disappearance, and then agreed to hide and allow their pursuers to fight each other. As the two sides crashed into each other and fought, the Bounty Hunters let them deplete their numbers before attacking and finishing off the survivors. When they saw how many bounties there were to collect among the dead, all three bounty hunters agreed to form a partnership, so they would collect future bounties together.[1d]


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