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Yolanda Skorn

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Yolanda Skorn

Yolanda Skorn is an insane Necromundan Bounty Hunter, who was once a gang member of House Escher's Bloodmaidens, until she challenged the gang's leader and was defeated in a duel.[1][2]

There is usually little mercy for such gangers, but the Bloodmaidens' leader was so impressed with the now one-handed Skorn's cruelty and beauty that her life was spared after she was given facial exile scars around her mouth. Afterwards the crazed Skorn began a journey of murder and mayhem as a bounty hunter, after replacing her missing hand with a whirring cybernetic and covering her heavily scarred face with a veil. Her insanity has since developed Skorn quite a reputation, as she constantly talks to any objects that cross her path and is known to favour close-in kills, which sometimes leads the bounty hunter to show her victims her scarred face before they die. Because of this, most places Skorn travels to receive word of her arrival well before she gets there and the mere sight of the bounty hunter can cause some of her enemies to flee for their lives. Her insanity though also means she seldom stays with one employer for long, as there is only so many times a gang leader can wake up to find Skorn's crazed staring eyes an inch from their face.[1][2]